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Sense Data

感知的基質 Sense Data
Media: LED, tube, electronic sound, body, thermal image, computer




After extricating oneself from memory, how does the signal from the environment stimulate the human body? How do we sense the message?

In this project, I tried to retrieve the sensation before the perception formed, which is like a cellular matrix, still in the state of "translucent liquid colloidal substance" and "material in progress" as the material to reconstruct the consciousness.

The system was inspired by the human sensory system, which transmits messages by electrical currents formed between neurons. I created a system with the human body, light, and sound, two vital elements that affect human cognition of time and space. Three materials communicate through electronic signals and live together as a cell, action based on the vital activity. By breathing, movement, and regulation, aim to let the body collect the feeling after getting rid of consciousness.

Presentation Date: 12 Dec 2023
Venue: Thinkers' Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan.
Organizer: Anarchy Dance Theatre
Special thanks to Olivier Pasquet, CHAO Ting-Ting, CHANG Hsin-Yu.

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